Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Next Level Character to raise the character of every person to a level of excellence.

Intentionally developing excellent character will increase the likelihood of:

being accepted to their #1 choice for college being accepted to their #1 choice for grad school landing their 1st job more quickly than others being promoted more quickly being accepted into the Armed Services and promoted more quickly It puts your son/daughter on a Leadership trajectory no matter what ...

Helping Student-Athletes Earn An Athletic Scholarship

Next Level Character assesses and develops the character of student-athletes who want to be team leaders and positive role models for a lifetime in preparation for advancement to the next level of life, enabling colleges, sports teams, and employers to have a deeper understanding of the student-athlete they want ...

We Prepare You For Leadership

Did you know that character is the #1 thing at which college coaches are looking? It's not athletics. It's not academic grades. Coaches are looking at character 1st because if the student-athlete did not have the athletic ability in the first place, they never would have made it onto that coach's radar. We are ...

Our Solutions

Character Assessment & Development Services

Character Assessment & Development Services

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Lifetime Pass

The Lifetime Pass is our core offer. The Pass …
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